Crime pays well?

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In the last two years, crime in Seri Petaling saw its ‘ups and downs.’ As you may have know, they usually occur a month ahead and during a festive celebration (i.e. Deepavali, Hari Raya and Chinese New Year). So, we advice you to follow the police safety guidelines of the do’s and don’ts as you leave home. Although the crime index waned in Seri Petaling, there were still reports of house break-ins. We thank the police for their increased surveillance. We also advise residents to help keep an eye on their neighbors’ house when they are off for a holiday. The most affected areas in Seri Petaling are Zone H3, L and P2.

Above are pictures of some of the break-in suspects taken down by our security guards and handed over to the police.

犯罪率在过去两年内有增有减。逢节日,犯案率频增。藉此劝居民提高警戒,帮忙出远门的邻居看守屋子。大城堡居协也感谢警方加强监督。犯案较频密区为H3,L 和 P2区。


Zone P2 - Oct 2011
The victim of an attempted theft had to spend thousands of ringgit in wire works as the suspect stripped the wire cables off his beautifully renovated house.

Zone L, F and N - March 2011
Suspect was seen loitering in Zone L. Two days later he was caught stealing shoe in Zone F before he was seen loitering again in Zone N.

Zone P2 - Dec 2011
Suspect was caught with a dismantled air conditioner compressor. Handcuffed by the police, he threatened the victim: “Bila saya keluar, saya cari kamu.” Two months later, he was caught again.

Zone L - Aug 2011
Suspect was let off with a polite warning after he was found hiding in the drain.

ZONE J AND P1 - Nov 2011
A house in P1 zone was broken into. The suspect was earlier trying to dodge the security check point on a bicycle. He had said he wanted to meet a friend and gave an address to his house. A security guard followed the suspect. The suspect pressed the door bell but the owner who answered didn’t know him. The suspect gave a lame excuse that he lost his way and the guard let him off with a polite warning. Thirty minutes later, he came back and tried to break into another house.

Zone J - June 2011
Suspect attempts to break into a house that is being renovated. The security guards combed through the house, even up on the ceiling but found no traces of the suspect. Hours later, Mr. Houdini was found under the Mex highway flyover.

Zone J - June 2011
The guards stumbled upon a Myanmarese suspect wielding a bag of tools i.e. pliers, screw drivers and a radio.

Zone J - Aug 2011
He entered an empty house. This is second or third attempt.

You’re probably wondering how did the suspects get away with repeated offenses and not end up behind bars. The problem is that the victims did not lodge a police report! Without the report, police could not press charges and the suspects could not be hauled to court, hence they were not convicted. Editor’s note