Meet Datuk Bandar on Bazaria Land Issue

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Jun 25, 2012. SPRA led by YB Teresa Kok met Datuk Bandar, Tan Sri Ahmad Fuad bin Ismail to protest against the conversion of the reserved land (Lot 24209 and 24210) to Mixed Development. The land was originally reserved for hawker centre, wet market and bus terminal.

Datuk Bandar explained that the project will be privatized.

Our concerns with Mixed Development are:

  1. No public opinion obtained. Why no "Sesi Bantahan" (objection session) was called with residents before the conversion of land use.
  2. Public land shouldn't be commercialized.
  3. Commercial shops and apartments will be built. This will worsen the traffic congestion.

We insist the land be reinstated to original plan. If DBKL has no intention to build hawker center, wet market or bus terminal, thus the land should convert to "Kawasan Lapang". There isn't "Kawasan Lapang" in commercial area.

Seri Petaling is short of green area i.e. 4%, much lower compare with the standard requirement of 10%.

The meeting is disappointing because Datuk Bandar has no positive response to us.

Tan Sri Ahmad Faud will be leaving the office in three weeks.

We will continue to protest.

SPRA's representatives: Tan Tai Tong, Francis Foo, Ng See Eng and Lau Kien Foh