Meeting With Datuk Loga

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2015-5-19: YB Ms Teresa Kok Suh Sim had a meeting with Datuk Loga, Deputy Minister Of Wilayah Persekutuan together with SPRA’s representatives, Mr Tan Tai Tong (President), Ms Lee Chui Kee (Secretary), Mr Simon Kong (Committee), Mr. Lau Kien Foh (Committee}, Mr Ranbir Rendy (Committee), and Mr Raymond Ong (resident) regarding the following issues.

Lot 37890, PN 30956, Jalan Radin Anum 1

Our President informed Datuk Loga that the title of the above land was issued under the ownership of Datuk Bandar in 2003. DBKL had granted this piece of land to a organisation (Bestary Communiti Kuchai Entrepreneur) who started Bazaar Ria in 2007 and Glass City in 2012 (lease for 3 years) . We understand that the leased period expired in 2015, and on 7th., 14th., 21th ., April, 2015 DBKL wrote to the hawkers in the market to vacate the land by the end of April, 2015 giving way to a new ‘Projek Pembangunan’, as they had changed the original plan from ‘Tapak Pasar dan Tapak Penaja’ to ‘Mixed Development ‘ in 2008 (without publicity), and subsequently sold the land to Yayasan Wilayah Persekutuan in 2015.10.23 for RM: 30,484,011-00, YWP are planning a high density apartment with commercial units instead of wet market n hawker centre on it… the reply from Datuk Seri Utama Tengku Adnan, Minister WP. to Y.B. Teresa Kok 18/5/15 in Parliament.

Mr Tan told Datuk Loga that SPRA wrote to Jbt Perancangag Bdr. DBKL on 16th April 2015 to enquire the status and plan for this project. No full details were given but we were informed verbally that the application is submitted by YWP.

We queried Datuk Loga on the following issues:-

  1. How could DBKL change the land use without public opinion? How could DBKL sell public land for private development?
    The answer is Datuk Bandar have all the right to do so.
  2. Parking Problem: If there are more than 500 units of apartments with an estimated 2 cars per unit, there will be more than 1000 cars; if management only provide 500 parking lot inside, where are the other 500 cars going to park?

    Our biggest problem is the parking space. Even the Police Station has no parking space and they request SPRA to help. If the project is approved, we can foresee more parking problems.

  3. Traffic flow Problem.. with extra 1000 vehicles, what will happen to the traffic flow in this already congested area?? Surrounded by more then 500 existing shop lots. where is the traffic assess management reports ?
    Every Tuesday we have pasar malam with more than 1,000 stalls, where will the hawkers go if the place is developed, and if they stay in the same place, the residents in the apartments will not be able to drive in and out of their parking lots;

We informed Datuk Loga that we seriously need a proper wet market as after more than 30 years, and with more than 40,000 residents, Seri Petaling does not have a market. At the moment we have 2 wet markets but they are all in open space and when it rains, it caused a lot of inconvenience for both the residents and hawkers. It is not well organised (not hygienic and no proper drainage and sewerage system).

We need a proper hawker centre we have road side hawkers all over Seri Petaling which are dirty and attracted a lot of crows and rats.

In short, we strongly object high rise apartments within commercial centre and we want back the wet market and hawker centres.

Zone N
Mr Lau informed Datuk Loga that the building plan for a piece of land (slope) with the water reservoir located on top of high grounds near his house had been approved. He also informed that the residents in Zone N felt that it is not safe for any development in that area and are strongly against it. Datuk Loga said that since the plan had been approved, there is nothing much the residents can do because the plan had been studied by qualified professionals and it is safe for development and that is why it had been approved. He told Mr Lau that DBKL staff are all well trained and he should trust them.

Mr Lau mentioned the MEX highway example where the authorities had erred and experts were called in. He told Mr Lau that if they are not happy, they can engage experts to study/survey the place and if they find that it is not suitable or safe for development they should submit proof to DBKL . DBKL will then invite them for a discussion when they receive their documents.

Drain Along Jalan Merah Caga

We informed Datuk Loga that the drain in front of the single storey houses easily gets silted up with sand and gravel from the main road it was not wide or deep enough to accommodate the huge volume of water and the water level would easily rise above the garden drains and floor of the houses. Letter (Aduan Awan) was submitted to DBKL on 11/07/2014 but nothing had been done so far.

The engineers who went there to inspect the drain last year told the residents that they need to make another drain parallel to the old one and they agreed that the present drain is too small to accommodate the huge volume of water.

Datuk Loga told us that he will look into it and he instructed DBKL staff Mr K C Tan to discuss with him regarding this matter.