Moon cake festival

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Sept 25, 2011. More than 200 members and their friends attended the party. The evening program included a handmade lantern competition, lantern parade, lantern quiz and a buffet dinner. Special guests from Masjid Jamek were invited to sit on the panel of judges to rate the beautiful and creative lanterns. The spirit of participation, goodwill and social interaction filled the the evening.

赏月晚会 25/09/2011(星期天)
大城堡社区中心超过200名会员和会众参与这向项目。活动包括灯笼制造比赛,灯笼展,灯笼猜谜和自主晚餐。晚会也邀请了来自Masjid Jamek的居民当裁判。