One-day trip to Ipoh

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April 17, 2011. Two bus loads of happy folks (88 participants) took part in the outing. The entourage visited Lata Kijang waterfall near Cenderiang. After a sumptuous lunch, the group proceeded to visit interesting places in the old and new townships of Ipoh including the railway station, Loong Tau and Perak Caves followed by Pekan Tambun to shop for pomelos and the guava fruits. The group later proceeded to Gunung Rapat for more shopping of local specialties such as ‘Heong Bian’ or Tambun biscuits, salted chicken etc. Along the way, the adventurous also snuck out to sample the famous Ipoh white coffee. After visiting Kek Lok Tong and Sam Poh Tong caves in the late evening, the group had dinner in Kampar before returning to Seri Petaling with fond memories.

怡保一日游 17/04/2011
两辆载满88位乐龄会员参观了靠近 Cenderiang市的Lata Kijang瀑布。午餐后,继续前往怡保各旅游胜地- 龙头火车站,霹雳谷,淡汶村购柚子和番石榴。全体接着到Rapat山购买其他美食-香饼,盐鸡等,沿途中也停下尝驰名白咖啡。会员们参观了极乐寺和三宝洞。