Protest Against Proposed Mixed Development Projects

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Protest Against Proposed Mixed Development Projects

2015-4-25: SPRA and YB Teresa Kok in a press conference cum protest against proposed mixed development projects which consist of high density condominiums on the commercial center.


Landed Property: 6,000
High rise condo: 4,000

Here is a timeline of the issue

1975 Seri Petaling development order approved.
1979 Lease hold 99 years started
1998 Land title issued under ownership Datuk Bandar original plan: Lot 37890 PN 30956 Jalan Radin Anum 1, Perhentian Bas, Pasar and Penjaja
2007 Bazaar Ria started (half of the land occupied)
2012 Glass City started (fully occupied)
2015 After 3 years lease from DBKL Jabatan Penilaian's rental agreement has expired
2015-4-7 1st letter from DBKL: Notis Mengosongkan Tapak Pasar
2015-4-14 2nd letter from DBKL: Kerja-kerja Pembangunan akan dijalankan diatas Lot 37890
2015-4-14 3rd letter from DBKL: Kerja-kerja Pembangunan akan dijalankan diatas Lot 37890
2015-4-16 SPRA wrote to DBKL, Jabatan Perancangan Bandar to enquire on the status and plan of the project. No details from DBKL.

Here are from DBKL

  1. Application in process, under technical.
  2. Mixed development
  3. Kadar 5 not applicable

Questions and Problems

  1. Why change the land use to mixed development? Where is the Sessi Bantahan?
  2. Who is the owner of this land? Can Datuk Bandar sell public land?
  3. What is the new project? Commercial shops and High rise residential? Bus Terminal, Market and Hawker Centre?

Our Stand

  1. We need a big and proper market for 40,000 population. The current market is in open air. Problems are: Not hygienic, No cover when rain and very little parking
  2. We need a proper hawker centre. Currently, the hawkers are occupying every corner of the street. Most of them are unhygienic and dirty. These hawkers are bringing in rats, right in-front of millions dollar shop lots.
  3. Bus terminal is needed as government is encouraging public transportation. Seri Petaling is along the fringe of Kuala Lumpur.
  4. We strongly oppose high density apartment because: Traffic congestion: The upcoming shop lots will increase the traffic. Moreover, Tuesday’s pasar malam worsen the traffic. Parking is the biggest issue: There isn’t enough parking

Requesting help from YB Theresa Kok

  1. Help to bring this matter into parliament.
  2. Help to meet Minister of Wilayah Persekutuan
  3. Help to meet Datuk Bandar

Our past effort

  1. Against Tongkak Jaya proposal: Successfully stopped because of land usage
  2. Against Bazaar Ria: Wrote to DBKL on 2007-10-1 (with residents petition). Meeting with Dato’ Yeo Teong Lok and KP.
  3. 2009-3-5: Memorandum to Datuk Bandar
  4. 2009-7-28: Datuk Bandar Ahmad Faud visited Seri Petaling.
  5. 2009 to 2010: KL Draft Plan item 2
  6. 2012-6-25: Meet Datuk Bandar:
    1. Land use change to Mixed Development
    2. Shop & residential would be built
    3. Why no Sesi Bantahan (Objection Session) before on conversion of land use
    4. Public land shouldn’t be commericalized
    5. Shop & apartment would worsen traffic congestion & parking problem
  7. 2014-6-24 Met Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Mansor at Bangsar. Promised mixed development would include original plan: Pasar, Penjaja and Perhentian bas.