Someone almost burnt down the forrest

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2014-2-1, around 8 p.m. : Someone (Ms. Firebug) thinks that she can kill all mosquitos with smoke by starting a small fire pit. Dry weather for weeks + Lack of common sense = Perfect formula for a disaster.

When the Zone H's guard sees the fire, he informs a resident, Vincent Fun who rushes to the scene. The fire is intense while Ms. Firebug is using the garden hose to put off the fire. Knowing that's futile, Vincent summons the fire brigade who reaches the scene within 10 minutes.

The fire was put off in 30 minutes.

In the mid of the video, you could hear altercation between Vincent and Ms. Firebug. Ms. Firebug thinks she is doing everyone a favor by killing the mosquito.

Video courtesy: Sanjiv, a guard in Zone H.